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Pylon Plus Hockey Training System

The Pylon Plus Hockey Training System is ideal for any skill level, offers on-ice and off-ice versatility, and is great at developing all types of hockey techniques. This training system can be used for hockey practice or individual play whether it is in stride or in a stationary position.

The entire package comes equipped with 8 pylons and 6 extendable length hurdles allowing players to work on skating balance, stick handling, and passing. Connect the hurdles in a line, circle or use them individually. Stick handle under or around them, shoot over them, jump over them,.... Endless amounts of drills can be created with this set.
  • 8 Pylons (Cones)
    • Pylon Height 6.25''
  • 6 Hurdles
    • Minimum Length 22''
    • Maximum Length 33''
  • 8 Plugs
  • Carry Bag Included
    • 20'' Lx 7'' H x 6.5'' W