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Rink Rat

Rink Rat Trickster Crossbar Wheels

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Rink Rat Trickster Crossbar, the new game ready and game changing wheel from Rink Rat now available for goalies. We use a special blend of our proprietary MTech™️ and our Magic Speed materials in our core and exterior providing unparalleled grip and rebound on a tile surface. No break in period necessary for this one of a kind wheel that leaves the competition green with envy.

The materials of iHub5 are of the highest quality and, just like the rest of the wheel, is now manufactured in Rhode Island, which makes our wheels 100% made in the East Coast of the USA. The natural bond of our urethane to the hub means that you’ll never have to worry about wheels coming out of their hub or blowing up.

Ideal Playing Surface: Sport Court