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Rink Rat

Rink Rat Trickster Wheels XX Soft

Size Guide
Rink Rat Trickster Wheels XX Wheels

The Rink Rat Trickster Wheelsboast a new M-Tech Magic Speed blend of materials with the iHub5 hub to provide elite-level speed, grip and durability. M-Tech is a unique dual-durometer inner ring that allows the wheel to flex more during stops and turns, only to aggressively rebound for explosive power when accelerating.

At the Trickster's core is the iHub5 hub that is now made in Rhode Island. Previously, this was the only piece not made domestically so Rink Rat can now proudly say the Trickster is 100% made right here in the USA. Ihub5 also bonds extremely well with the urethane so separation and blow-up issues will be a thing of the past.

Ideal Playing Surface: Sport Court
Hardness Guidelines:78A (XX) = 175 - 225 lbs

Wheels are sold separately