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The Sherwood Code III Elbow Pad sports a 3-piece construction for ultimate mobility in a lightweight protective package for the competitive hockey player. Hinged at the bicep and lower forearm, the elbow pad can allow the arm to fully extend, giving you that extra length in situations where you need it most.

Thick, perforated foam with a nylon mesh exterior provides some of the very best breathability on the market and doesn't sacrifice protection either. That's because plastic inserts offer reinforcement to impact areas and anatomically shaped molded plastic does the heavy guarding to the elbow cap and forearm.

Internally, Sherwood's COP-r29 liner provides fantastic moisture-wicking and bacteria control. A copper thread has been woven directly into the fabric which is one of the best materials at providing antimicrobial treatment. Players can even make small adjustments to the liner so their elbow sits perfectly into the doughnut.

Note: Sherwood logo and the liner may vary but the fit, material, and performance remain the same.

Level of Play Performance
Fit Profile Traditional - Maximum Coverage and Protection
Weight 247 grams (Senior MD)
Heritage New
Model Number 10122038
Available Sizes JR SM, JR MD, JR LG, SR SM, SR MD, SR LG
Remaining soft and comfortable, Sherwood's special liner is built with a permanent copper thread, providing powerful antimicrobial treatment! Woven directly into the liner, it won't wash out so it will never stop fighting bacteria.
3-Piece Construction
With a standard hinge at the bicep, an added break below the elbow cap allows the arm to fully extend! This allows players to have even better range of motion for stickhandling, poke checking, and shooting!

Bicep Standard Foam, Plastic Inserts
Elbow Cap Molded Plastic, Standard Foam, Plastic Inserts
Forearm Molded Plastic, Standard Foam

Elbow Pad 3-Piece, Hinged Forearm, Floating Bicep
Exterior Polyester, Mesh Nylon, Synthetic Leather
Liner COP-r29

Bicep 1.5" Elastic Nylon
Elbow 1" Elastic Mesh Nylon
Forearm 2" Elastic Nylon