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Sher-Wood Rekker EK365 Grip Hockey Stick - Jnr

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Sher-Wood Rekker EK365 Grip Hockey Stick - Jnr

The Sherwood Rekker EK365 Grip Stickis not only the lightest stick on the market by about 30 grams but it boasts one of the most effective and quickest shot releases too. Sherwood was able to accomplish this by utilizing an all-new DropKick Taper, premium BlackLine Carbon Fiber and the FlyLyte layering process.

The entire EK365 showcases the thin, flat tow 18K carbon fiber called BlackLine. This removes weight, increases durability and promotes better responsiveness. The thin fiber is wrapped by hand in more precise and consistent layers, which is what they call their FlyLyte Technology. Unlike the competition, the EK365 actually has 3 layers of this premium fiber instead of just one, which really sets the EK365 apart in terms of strength and energy transfer efficiency.

The third significant change for the Rekker EK365 stick is the completely re-designed DropKick Taper. By lowering the taper by 10", this allows the stick to do more work for the player, producing a quicker release that requires less force to do so. To ensure the longevity of this common breakage area, Sherwood utilizes their exclusive Graphene nano-material in the lower third of the shaft. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, making it the most impact resistant material ever used in a hockey stick.


Power Pivot Technology:
Player Profile Designed for the player seeking a quick release and effortless control
Kick Point / Flex Profile Low kick point
Shaft Construction EKORE Technology- Handmade compression molded one-piece spear construction made with 100% high strength carbon fiber. Graphene reinforcement in lower 1/3 of stick.
Shaft Geometry
Pro Fit Shaft-double concave walls with rounded corners
Shaft Coating Grip or Matte non-grip
Shaft Taper Slight, Gradual
Blade Core
VRF.2-High performance polyurethane foam with a rigid carbon fiber bridge: makes blade stiffer and reduces torsion for more accurate shooting
Blade Wrap New Blackline 18K carbon fiber wrap
Blade Coating Matte finish
Other Features:

Kick: Lowkick

48" (35 Flex)
52" (45Flex)

Weight: N/A

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