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Sher-Wood Rekker M80 Grip Senior Hockey Stick

Size Guide
Sher-Wood Rekker M80 Grip Hockey Stick

The Sherwood Rekker M80 Stickis an excellent score for players who are looking for elite-level performance at a much more approachable price. Built for the sniper who needs a dangerously quick shot release, the M80 boasts their DropKick Shaft Taper that requires little to no loading but results in an incredibly quick rate of release.

Sherwood was able to reduce the weight of the Rekker M80 to 450 grams (in senior) thanks to the 100% carbon fiber construction. This paired with their speared one-piece manufacturing, the M80 truly plays and feels like an elite-level stick. The new VRF.4 blade core lends a helping had too since its thin profile helps to raise the balance point without sacrificing strength or responsiveness.

  • Construction:
    • Compression-molded, one-piece spear construction
      • The shaft runs all the way into the blade, offering a direct feel for the puck
      • 100% uni-directional carbon fiber
    • DropKick Shaft Taper
      • More aggressive taper starts 10" lower than before to promote more efficient loading and a quicker release
      • Less force is required to load up thus allowing the stick to do more work for the player
  • Flex Profile:
    • Low-Kick Point
      • Lowest, quickest and most effective shot release to date
      • Ideal for "finesse" shooters who like to get a shot off as quickly as possible
  • Geometry:
    • Rounded Corners with Straight Sidewalls
  • Grip:
    • Tacky grip finish
  • Blade:
    • VRF.4 (Vibration Reduction Foam Core) Technology with 25K Carbon Fiber
      • Completely re-engineered foam core that prevents premature disintegration keeps that new stick feel for longer
      • Thinner profile reduces weight without the compromising feel, control or durability
    • Carbon Bridge "Stabilizer"
      • Provides the stiffness and rigidity needed for an accurate shot
      • Reduces stress on the foam and provides an optimal puck feel
  • Flex: 55, 65, 75, 85, 95
  • Stick Sizing Guidelines:
    Sherwood Measurement = Universal Measurement
    57" = 57" (55 flex)
    59" = 59" (65, 75, 85 & 95 flex)

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