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Sher-Wood Rekker M90 Senior Goalie Stick

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Sher-Wood Rekker M90 Goalie Stick

The Sherwood Rekker M90 Goalie Stick should be chosen by those looking for advanced level durability and puck feel in a featherlight package. Boasting an impressive 694 grams (26" paddle), the M90 is one of the lightest goalie sticks to hit the market. Sherwood used their new Blackline Carbon Fiber with a unique weaving process to take weight out while simultaneously increasing strength and durability.

Keep breakage points are reinforced by an extremely strong material called Graphene, making sure the M90 can withstand shot after shot. Puck feel is very important whether it's controlling rebounds or passing up to a returning defenesmen. Sherwood's new ResInjection Technology makes sure to extend that new stick feel and control for a lot longer.

Lastly, goalies receive some great vibration dampening so they can better control their rebounds and passing by strategic foam injections in the blade, paddle, and handle. Like the rest of the line, the M90 utilizes straight walls with rounded corners and a glossy finish.
  • Construction:
    • Blackline XXV Carbon Fiber with Power Pivot Technology
      • An extremely strong and durable proprietary weaving process that also results in a very lightweight construction
      • The unique flat tow fiber is thinner, allowing Sherwood to wrap the layers tighter, resulting in better energy transfer and more durability
      • Lighter lower half provides better control and puck feel
    • ResInjection Technology with Graphene Reinforcement
      • Brand new resin technology maintains that new stick feel and control
      • Graphene is a nano-material that is strategically placed in key areas that are susceptible to breakage
  • Shaft:
    • Straight walls with rounded corners
    • AVH Technology
      • (Anti-Vibration Handle) - foam core dampens vibrations to the hand
  • Paddle:
    • VRF+ Technology
      • An internal foam core keeps that new stick feel by preventing premature disintegration
      • Also reduces vibrations taken from shots and impacts
  • Blade:
    • VRF+ Technology
    • Rounded heel for shooting and puck handling
  • Grip:
    • Gloss finish
  • Weight:
    • 694 Grams (Based on 26" paddle)