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Smart Hockey

Smart Hockey Puck - Slider


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The SmartHockey 4oz Slider Speed Puck is one of the fastest and smoothest off-ice training pucks money can buy. Vulcanized rubber is sandwiched between nylon sliders that very closely emulates the feel and glide of an ice hockey puck even on rough, outdoor surfaces. At just over 4oz, the Slider is 2 oz lighter than an ice puck which makes it perfect for toe drags, quick side-to-side handling and puck extensions. Unlike the competition, the Slider Speed Puck's rubber "patty" allows it to hit a goal post without breaking. The nylon sliders don't just provide the slick, ice puck-like glide but it helps to keep the puck flat when stickhandling or passing. 

  • Weight: 4.3oz