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Step Steel

Step Steel ST Goal Edge Bauer Vertexx Edge

Skate Size
Step Steel ST Goal Edge Bauer Vertexx Edge

Step Steel takes great pride in being the only blade manufacturer to address the evolving techniques used by today’s goaltenders. Being effective in the crease requires lightning fast reflexes and equally as fast movement.

Step Steel supplies the highest grade handcrafted stainless steel blades to fit all goalie brands, models, and sizes to replace OEM manufacturer steel for better performance out on the ice.

This higher grade steel will not only offer harder edges more resistant to dings and dents when hitting the posts, but will also hold a better, sharper edge over more ice sessions.

However, Step brand isn’t simply known for its higher quality steel. They’re Step blades after all. Step Steel Extreme blades add an innovative Extreme aspect ratio for accelerated pushes across the crease. Modern butterfly and hybrid goaltenders are constantly searching for easier pushes across the crease and the search ends here.

Contrary to many OEM blades, Step Blades offer a truer profile for added stability. This means you’ll be sure you’re hitting the ice with a more precise profile than a regular blade. In addition, Step Blades offer a higher precision in width, less likely to be bent or improperly sized when coming from the factory.

Your steel is the link that joins you to the ice. Choose Step Steel Extreme.

  • Suit 3mm for Vertexx Edge holder
  • Sold in a pair

More info on the extreme blade can be found here.