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Superfeet Comfort Inner Soles

Innersole Size
Superfeet Comfort Inner Soles

Yellow Trim-to-Fit
Designed to fit the exact heel-to-toe profile of hockey skates and footwear with an elevated heel such as skates, road cycling shoes and track spikes, Superfeet YELLOW adds fit, comfort and performance to any slim footwear with a raised heel. YELLOW now features a wider forefoot to provide full underfoot coverage. The Diamond Venting™ system aligns with the perforated outsoles of hockey skates and road cycling shoes for improved air circulation.
Recommended Foot Types
Ideal for feet with low to medium arches, but fits all arch types.
Recommended Footwear
Hockey and figure skates, road cycling shoes, track spikes and western boots.

Available Sizes
A-G | Men: 5.5 to 15 US | Women: 2.5 to 12.5+ US Junior: 13.5 to 4 US (Shoe Size)