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Warrior Alpha DX Senior Hockey Gloves

Size Guide

The Warrior Alpha DX Glove provides players with some of the best hand protection on the market with Warrior's new Impax+ protection package in the fingers and backhand. By using two memory like high-end foams that are reinforced with plastic inserts, the protection can absorb even the hardest of shots and slashes. The exterior has a highly durable mix of DynaMesh and 3D-PU leather for resistance to wear and tear, as well as great visual appeal.

The Alpha DX glove allows players to get full range of motion in every scenario during the game. This can be attributed to the three-piece index and middle fingers, AxyFlex two-piece thumb, and the Hybrid Flex cuff. First seen in the QX, the cuff is suspended away from the body by a stretch gusset that allows for maximum wrist mobility and keeps protection where it needs to be. The ProPalm+ is comprised of a gray digital base and grip printed Clarino to provide a butter soft stick feel. Internally the DX boasts Warrior's premium liner, Wartech FNC. Soft to the touch, the liner excels in wicking away moisture and impedes the growth of odor-causing bacteria to keep the DX staying "Fresh 'n Clean".   

  • Model Number: DXGSR9
  • Heritage: Alpha QX
  • Level of Play: Elite
  • Fit Guidelines: Hybrid Traditional Fit - Loose fit in the fingers & cuff, snug fit in the backhand
  • Sizing Guidelines: Size varies on personal preference, see sizing chart below
  • Exterior:
    • Mix of DynaMesh cable knit nylon and 3D-PU leather
      • Extra durable to resist wear and tear
      • Awesome aesthetic appeal and excellent durability
    • Synthetic leather
      • Down the backhand and into the ring finger
    • No-Stretch finger gussets for a traditional feel
    • 3D-Embroidered Warrior cuff logo, 3D Warrior logs on the thumb and backhand 
  • Protection:
    • All new Impax+ foam protection package 
      • High end foam package works to protect players from every impact
      • Memory like foams reduce weight and can take repeated impacts
      • Plastic insert reinforcement on the backhand, fingers, finger block, and thumb 
    • Dual-density cuff roll foams
      • High-density foam topping a thick layer of medium-density foam for premium protection
  • Palm:
    • ProPalm+ 
      • Gray digital base, black Clarino overlay with grip print
        • Extremely soft, provides excellent feel for the stick that is built to last
        • Grip print helps to provide a more secure hold of the stick when moisture is involved
  • Liner: 
    • WarTech FNC (Fresh 'n Clean)
      • Comfortable material that is bathed in Polygiene, helping it to better wick away moisture and impede odor-causing bacteria from growing at the source
      • Polygiene does not wash out because it is permanently integrated into the fabric
  • Fit: 
    • Hybrid Traditional Fit - Provides plenty of volume in the fingers and cuff with a snug fit in the backhand
    • Hybrid Flex Cuff
      • Allows the cuff to move with the arm to keep protection where it needs to be without interfering with mobility 
    • AxyFlex Two-Piece Thumb 
      • Allows for much better dexterity without compromising hyperextension protection
    • Three-piece index and middle finger for better dexterity and grip feel
  • Sizes:
    • 13", 14", 15"
  • Weight:
    • 343 grams (Based on a 14")