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Warrior Alpha LX 40 Grip Senior Hockey Stick

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The Warrior Alpha LX 40 Stick was designed for players looking for versatile performance and durability at an affordable price. The new R.L.C. 122 construction uses unidirectional carbon fiber through the blade and shaft, making for a lightweight and strong product with serious shooting power.

Thanks to the enhanced Sabre Taper II, the LX 40 stick provides a hard and accurate shot that feels effortless. For puck feel, Warrior used their FuelCore design that is lightweight, strong and responsive so players know where the puck is at all times. 

While the R.L.C. 122 makes for a very well balanced product, the Apex grip and Ergo shaft shape make it feel elite. The tacky finish comfortably keeps the hands in place while the actual shaft dimensions naturally contour to the hand unlike traditionally boxy shapes. 

Saper Taper II
Exclusive taper shape that provides torsional strength needed for a quick, powerful and accurate shot release. It is even easier to load than before, making it even easier to rip shots with too. 
Minimus Carbon UD
Unidirectional carbon fiber reduces weight and improves durability significantly better than traditional entry-level carbon fiber. 
FuelCore Blade
Lightweight polymer construction enhances puck feel and increases shot pop. The extra composite layer prevents blade fatigue so it feels newer, longer. 

Construction R.L.C 122
Materials Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
Grip Finish Tacky Apex Grip
Shaft Dimensions Round Corners, Concave Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 48", 51", 57", 60"

Kick Point Mid-Low Kick
Shot Profile Quick and Powerful
Shaft Taper Sabre Taper II

Construction FuelCore
Materials Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
Face Texture Smooth
Available Curves W03, W28, W88