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Warrior Alpha One Hockey Helmet

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Warrior Alpha One Hockey Helmet

The Warrior Alpha One Hockey Helmet debuts the new OmniShock+ Protection System that provides next-level protection by integrating Viconic 3D TPU Pods and Impax Foam into a one-piece shell. The Viconic 3D Pods are utilized in critical impact areas (front, rear and sides of the head) and handle low, mid and high energy impacts in both linear and twisting motions better than any foam Warrior has ever used before. On top of the EPP Foam base liner, the Alpha One uses Impax Foam that is extremely comfortable and improves full range protection too.

Gone are the days of a multi-piece shell and 2018 ushers in the True One-Piece for Warrior. Not only does the one-piece allow them to build the Alpha One with a lower-profile look, it better absorbs and distributes impact energy too.

The other significant change in the Alpha One Helmet is the AdaptaFit 360 System by Boa. Traditional hockey helmets feature a front-to-back adjustment system but with a quick twist of the Boa's dial, it provides a full 360-degree custom wrap around the head.
  • Protection:
    • OmniShock+ Protection System
      • Viconic Shock Absorbing Pods in the critical impact areas (i.e. the frontal lobe, temples and the occipital)
        • 3D TPU Pods are custom-fitted for each impact zone for next-level performance
        • Provides significantly better impact absorption than traditional VN or EPP foam
      • Impax Foam
        • High-performance, comfortable foam layered on top of the EPP base liner
      • EPP Base Liner
        • Lightweight, moisture-repelling foam that handles high-energy impacts
      • Removable Comfort Padding with Polygiene Technology
        • Prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming inside of the liner
    • True One-Piece Shell
      • High-density plastic provides a featherlight barrier with advanced protection
  • Fit:
    • AdaptFit 360 by Boa
      • Micro-adjustable dial provides a 360 degree, personalized fit for ultimate protection and comfort
      • Lightweight and low-profile, AdaptFit 360 is seamlessly integrated into the liner for one of the best and easiest adjustment systems on the market
      • Dual-density dial
  • Comfort:
    • Flow Comfort Liner with strategic venting and removable comfort padding
  • HECC, CSA approved