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Warrior Alpha QX Pro Grip Senior Hockey Stick


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The Warrior Alpha QX Pro hockey stick is a high-level option for any player who is looking for a stick that provides effortless loading and an explosive, accurate release. With many top technologies, this model provides terrific value.

  • Quick Strike for an explosive release
  • Sabre Taper for improved accuracy
  • True 1 Phantom for a strong one-piece design
  • Minimus Carbon 800 for enhanced construction
  • Ergo shaft shape for excellent puck control and feel
  • Pro Grip for optimum hand control

The Alpha QX Pro model includes Warrior’s top-of-the-line Quick Strike technology, offering effortless loading that engages Warrior’s most responsive blade, resulting in an explosive and accurate release with each shot you take. The Quick Strike flex zone uses a low kick-point that extends from your bottom hand through the lower shaft and hosel, offering a release that is both precise and powerful.

Warrior combines Quick Strike with another top technology, the Sabre Taper, in the QX Pro. This unique taper design creates a torsionally stiff extended mid-low flex arc, resulting in a more stable blade. The reengineered sleek shaft and hosel design, when combines with Quick Strike, produces a torsionally stiff stick during loading and release, providing even more precision and power.

The Alpha QX Pro is a true one-piece stick, popular among many of the top sticks on the market today, thanks to Warrior’s True 1 Phantom feel technology. This lightweight and strong construction provides improved balance and responsiveness that helps to enhance feel and puck control. The construction is also enhanced by Warrior’s Minimus Carbon 800 material, an 800 grade, high-strength, lightweight flat carbon-composite weave design that improves the entirety of the stick’s construction and adds extra value to each technological feature found throughout the stick.

This stick construction is further complemented by the Ergo shaft shape. Warrior uses this ergonomic contour shape to fit comfortably and securely in your hands which also helps to enhance puck control while giving you a better feel for deking, passing, and shooting. And for even more control through the hands, Warrior uses their Pro grip technology, providing a tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place when you’re receiving tough passes or handling the puck up the ice.

At a lower price point than Warrior’s top Alpha model, the QX Pro still features top-of-the-line technologies found throughout the stick. And with Warrior’s commitment to revamping the Alpha line in order to take your shot to the next level, The QX Pro offers all the performance benefits you’re looking for.