Warrior Composite Tapered End Plug

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Warrior Composite Tapered End Plug

The Warrior Composite End Plugsadds 6" of extension to a hockey stick or shaft. The end plug is constructed of a high-quality carbon fiber that does not add much weight but is perfect for a player who needs to add just a little more height to their stick or shaft. Unlike traditional wood end plugs, the composite plugs help to keep responsiveness and balance as consistent as possible from head to toe.

Warrior offers these plugs in a Traditional Senior, Tapered Senior and Traditional Junior sizes. The tapered end plug is the same circumference as the traditional plug at the bottom of the handle and gradually tapers into a smaller circumference as it gets closer to the top of the plug, perfect for players using intermediate shafts or those who enjoy smaller shaft dimensions. End plugs are all sold separately.
  • Length:
    • Adds 6" of extension
  • Materials:
    • Full Carbon Fiber composite end plug for hockey sticks and shafts
      • Drastically lighter and more consistent than a traditional wood end plug
      • Pre-glued - Just apply heat and insert into hockey stick or shaft
  • Fit:
    • Available in Senior and Junior sizes
    • Traditional and Tapered Handle options in Senior
    • Fits most other brand's sticks and shafts

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