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Warrior Covert QRL Grip Junior Hockey Stick

Size Guide
Warrior Covert QRL Grip Hockey Stick

The Warrior QRL is the next installment of the Covert series, boasting entirely new materials, layup design, and an upgraded taper to give you a lightning quick release. This stick was designed to provide an enhanced shooting performance with a super low-kick quick release, lighter overall weight, and a balanced feel to maximize velocity and improve accuracy.

Player Profile
For the player looking for a lightning quick release with more velocity and pinpoint accuracy
Kick Point / Flex Profile
Low-Kick point
Shaft Construction
True 1 Construction with Minimus Carbon 1000
Shaft Geometry
Rounded corners with straight sidewalls
Shaft Coating
Pro CorTex Grip w/ texture or Non-grip (clear)
Shaft Taper
Dagger Taper III
Blade Core
HardCore X foam core with TwinSpar carbon fiber support stringers
Blade Wrap
Visible 12K weave of high modulus Minimus Carbon 1000
Blade Coating
Matte finish
Other Features:
Length: 51in.
Weight: N/A