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Wrap Around ICE

Wrap Around ICE

The Hockey Wrap Around ICE Blade Protector is the ultimate off-ice training aid. This blade protector gives players an on-ice feel when stickhandling and shooting on rough outdoor surfaces with their composite game stick or blade. Without the Hockey Wrap Around, the composite would otherwise quickly delaminate and breakdown. Unlike some training sticks that can have a totally different flex profile, flex rating, shaft shape or blade curve; the Wrap Around Ice ensures off-ice practice directly transfers over to gameplay.

This ice version is also the lightest Wrap Around yet, weighing a whole 47 grams lighter than the previous One Version (39g vs. 86g) making it the ideal choice for training quick hands. The Wrap Around Ice blade protector fits senior, intermediate and junior blades; both left and right-handed. It installs in about a minute and is slap shot ready as soon as it is taped up!

  • Specifically formulated plastic for maximum durability and flexibility.
  • Taper fits wide range of sticks: all major brands, junior to senior size.
  • Slap Shot ready once taped to your stick.
  • Extremely lightweight! Approximately 39 grams.
  • Compatibility:
    • Fits Junior, Intermediate and Senior hockey stick blades

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