RBZ Revolution Stick Review

RBZ Revolution Stick Review

The culmination of CCM’s past successes and experiences has led them to introduce the new CCM RBZ Revolution, which aims to deliver the next generation of shooting performance. The RBZ Revolution, with it’s Taylor Made design properties, brings about a revolutionary technology never before seen on a hockey stick. Let’s take a closer look at CCM’s new top-tier shooter.

Faceplate Technology

At first glance, your eyes can’t help but be drawn to the metal faceplate attached to the blade. Leveraging their partnership with Taylor Made, the CCM RBZ Revolution works with the same principles that apply to their golf drivers.

This new design, coined by CCM as “Faceplate Technology” aims to increase the Coefficient of Restitution (C.O.R) – which in simpler terms, means when the puck hits the blade, the leftover energy enables the puck to rebound off of the blade like a trampoline.

Unlike a traditional blade, Faceplate Technology adds strength and stability to maximize power. The Faceplate also helps to increase the sweet spot on the blade for more consistent and powerful shots.

Technora Reinforcement

Every player is always on the lookout for a stick that not only provides excellent feel and power, but to also provide durability.

The Aramid fibers (similar to Kevlar) that are embedded in the shaft are what help increase durability while providing much better bending properties so you don’t lose any performance.

CCM sticks have consistently been one of our lowest warranty return sticks as a percentage of all sticks sold in store. With the addition of Technora fibers added to the shaft, the Revolution aims to take durability to new heights.

Custom Kick Point

Like previous generation RBZ sticks, the Revolution also provides that same great custom kick point that is perfect in providing that supreme power, no matter what type of shot you take. The RBZ Revolution features a unique flex profile that is ideal for shooters as the shaft flexes where the players bottom hand is placed. If you like to get the puck off in a hurry, then the Revolution is a perfect fit.

Powerhosel 2

Power, power, power; the Revolution’s goal is to increase the overall energy output to power it past the goalie every time. With the new taper design on the stick, Powerhosel 2 provides a longer shaft design with the tip sitting deeper towards the heel of the blade for a more efficient energy transfer.

The rib inside the hosel helps to maximize the load and release of the shaft to increase the efficiency of your shots, but also, it helps to increase the durability.

RBZ Lineup

If you think the Revolution might be too much of an animal for you to handle, CCM offers an excellent lineup of twigs in their RBZ category. All of the sticks feature a custom kick point so you know you’ll be able to snap those pucks off without a second thought. Both the RBZ 290 and 270 features Speed Pocket Construction to increase puck speed, along with Powerhosel Technology to help maximize energy transfer and durability. The RBZ 250 features a High C.O.R blade construction to increase the trampoline effect off the blade, as well as a different taper design than the 290 and 270, yet it helps to increase durability and energy transfer.


The RBZ Revolution is the ultimate brainchild of the CCM and Taylor Made partnership. The Revolution is all about power and the use of CCM’s metal Faceplate Technology. It aims to release the puck harder, faster, and with better accuracy than any previous generation RBZ stick. Overall, the stick features some innovation never seen on sticks before this and honestly, it works. Reinventing stick technology is clearly CCM’s mindset and they’ve definitely raised the bar to new heights.

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