Sher-Wood BPM150 Hockey Stick Review

Sher-Wood BPM150 Hockey Stick Review

Unlike Sher-Wood sticks of the past, the new BPM 150 stick encompasses the “total package” bringing balance, power, and feel to their top end stick. For Sher-Wood, rather than focusing on one specific aspect, they’ve gone ahead and produced an all-around stick that should help players produce in all situations of the game. Whether you’re digging for pucks, throwing sauce, or popping bottles, the BPM 150 should be able to perform in every situation you throw at it. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Sher-Wood BPM 150 one of the best all-around sticks on the market.

Tried, Tested, Proven

For Sher-Wood, an extensive testing process had taken place in their labs and among elite players. 12 different stick constructions with different balance points were created for testing and the one that proved to be the most powerful with additional improvements in shooting velocity, accuracy, puck handling, passing and pass reception was the one that is now featured on the BPM 150 stick.


The BPM 150 stresses three focal points with Balance, Power, and Mobility to provide benefits to the user. You’re probably wondering, “so what, how can it help me?”- let’s get straight to it.


According to Sher-Wood, by shifting the balance point of the stick further up the shaft of the stick, the BPM 150 offers a unique distribution of weight and will allow the player to generate faster rotation speed during shooting. The moment you have the stick in your hands, it feels ultra lightweight, but without a doubt, it’s built to withstand the most intense game situations with its robust construction. This design also helps players shoot harder while lowering the actual time it takes to release the puck.


Since Sher-Wood has moved the balance point of the stick, players reap the benefits as the BPM 150’s counter-weight provides more torque and power in order to release harder, and faster shots. The BPM 150 is also a traditional mid-kick stick, letting you generate maximum torque in the shaft.


last but not least, the unique design of the BPM 150 provides players with a lightweight design and superior balance for better feel and ultimate control. According to Sher-Wood, you’ll know where the puck is on your stick at all times, increasing your reaction time letting you take advantage of your competition.


The Sher-Wood BPM 150 is a true one-piece design as the shaft continues into the blade for better feel. The stick itself is made from 12k carbon which is roughly 30% lighter than other carbon used in sticks on the market. The 12k design adds durability, responsiveness and weight reduction. Carrying over from Sher-Wood’s success of the Rekker Ek60, Graphene Technology makes its way on to the BPM stick lineup. If you haven’t checked out the EK60, essentially, graphene is a nano-material about 200 times stronger than steel. With its unique combination of strength, light weight, and flexibility, players are able to use a stick that is more responsive and has better impact support in key areas. Furthermore, the inclusion of the nano-material also extends the pop life of the stick so there is less worry of the stick getting soft over time. The use of graphene is throughout the lower 1/3 of the stick where most of the slashes and impacts occur.

The blade of the stick is Sher-Woods own VRF.2 design that features a carbon bridge inside to strengthen the structure and to reduce blade deflection (how much the blade opens up during shooting) so that players have consistent accuracy during shooting. The blade itself is constructed from 14k carbon fiber reducing weight and adding durability.

As stated previously, the BPM 150 features a traditional mid-kick design meaning that the stick flexes in the middle portion of the shaft. Consequently, this maximizes the shaft’s loading and energy transfer process resulting in more powerful shots. If you love to get the most power into your shots the mid-kick profile of the BPM 150 would be the ideal setup for you.

Sher-Wood features an additional 4” at the top of the stick that can be cut without altering the stick’s flex rating. FFZ or Flex Free Zone accomplishes this feat, and also creates a consistent profile for its users.

“Why should I buy a BPM stick?”

A Q & A session with Sher-Wood’s Product Manager helped to answer this question. According to the folks at Sher-Wood, BPM sticks are built to meet the real demands of real hockey players. With their central focus of providing players with the correct and necessary tool that is able to withstand the pressure and perform in any situation the player is thrown into. The BPM lineup features a ton of testing and is currently the most tested line of products that Sher-Wood has brought to the market. Sher-Wood aims to bring real benefits that will have an immediate impact on your game, while providing players incomparable value for the price.


Sher-Wood has gone ahead and given players a tool that has an excellent heritage and packing it full of technology and features that help to benefit a player’s game. Throughout their testing, Sher-Wood included their new balance point and flex design that is able to provide power and a better overall feel for the puck. Infused graphene provides strength while maintaining that pop you love. By providing players with a tried and tested stick, the BPM 150 set itself apart from the competition by its meticulous attention to detail from the Flex Free Zone, to the VRF.2 foam core blade. Don’t forget, the BPM 150 is constructed by hand to ensure quality and consistency. We highly recommend you show the BPM 150 some love by testing it out in our shooting room. There’s a good chance you’ll be walking out the door with one in your hands.

We have plenty in store so don’t hesitate to come in and try them out on our passing pad.

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